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General FAQS

Taxi Seeker is at your service all hours of the day, seven days a week, all around the year! Whenever you need to book a ride or have a query, you can reach us on our active helpline numbers.

You can book a taxi for a friend or acquaintance and we will ensure the best services to all customers.

Our trained driver will be waiting for you at the airport or seaport as you arrive. You will be able to locate the Taxi Seeker placard with your name at the pre-decided meeting point. As soon as your taxi is booked, we will send a confirmation email with all the details for your convenience.

Finding the Taxi Seeker chauffeur is easy. Before your specified pick-up time, our driver will be waiting for you in the reception hall of the hotel. The hotel concierge will also inform you of his arrival. Our driver will have all your specified details for the journey so that you remain comfortable.

In case you are unable to locate the driver at your pick-up point, you can call our helpline and one of our representative will assist you in finding the driver. Taxi Seeker drivers have special instructions to be at the pick-up point before your time of arrival.

The time of clearance at the airports and seaports in London varies with travelers. If you are traveling locally, the clearance time may be no longer than 15-30 minutes. However, if you are an international traveler, it might take up to 60 minutes to clear customs and baggage.

Taxi Seeker does not hide charges neither do we add any amount to your bill after the time of booking. All the additional charges like the car parking and meet and greet services are included in the total invoice shared with you at the time of booking. Taxi Seeker understands customers’ limitations and therefore we offer a 30-minute waiting period in case your flight gets delayed or your exit requires more time than usual. If individual customers request a 45-minute waiting period, we increase it to 75 minutes without any charge. Thereafter, waiting time is chargeable as per our terms and conditions.

For the Low Emission Zones, and the Ultra Low Emission Zones, the British Government has fixed charges for all vehicles entering the zones. Taxi Seeker has specified charges for entry in any of such zones in the initial quote when you enter your specifications on the website. Prior to booking, customers can find out our charges from the website. We apply the congestion charges at the time of booking so that there is no add-on or additional charge for customers.

For a variety of customers, we offer a wide range of vehicle to suit their needs and nature of visit. Our car fleet is divided in standard and executive categories. For our business tourists we have E Class, S Class and V Class Mercedes.

The Executive, or E Class Mercedes can accommodate four passengers, two check-in luggage and one hand carry.

The S Class VIP vehicle can carry three passengers, two check-in luggage and a hand carry.

The V Class can accommodate seven passengers, six check-in luggage and four hand carry.

In case you require a vehicle for a simple family holiday or for informal trips; we have 4 different kinds of vehicles.

Our Saloon can carry four passengers, two luggage and one hand carry bag.

The Estate vehicle has a capacity of four passengers, three luggage and two hand carry.

The MPV can carry five passengers, four luggage and three hand carry.

MPV Plus has a capacity of six passengers, five check-in luggage, four hand carry.

Lastly, for a big family outing or a big group of friends, we offer the 8-seater, which can seat 8 passengers, seven luggage bags and seven smaller bags.

Taxi Seeker offers services to all kinds of customers and we welcome groups of travelers with easy booking procedures. After the initial booking information, you can choose group transfer options on the following pages of the form. This gives you an option of choosing the most suitable vehicles along with the itinerary details. Taxi Seeker will be happy to make your business or family visit comfortable and memorable.

Taxi Seeker sends an email to customers within two hours of online booking. The email will mention all details of the journey to avoid confusion. If you haven’t received the email from us, check the spam folder to recheck before calling our helpline.

Cancellation and refund is fairly simple at Taxi Seeker. You can inform us about cancellation through the helpline or email,, but bear in mind that refund is available only if the cancellation is done 24 hours before the planned time of pick-up.

If you had paid through a credit or debit card, the refund procedure might take more than two days to complete. We advise you to check your bank account details after 4-5 working days.

In the event of an unforeseen change of plan, we accommodate changes in itinerary 24 hours before the planned pick-up time. As per our availability, we provide our customers the best possible solution to their change of circumstances. Again, you can record the changes on our active helpline or email us at

Taxi Seeker welcomes change of vehicle and we provide your choice of transportation according to the availability at that time. Our helpline and email are working around the clock and all you need to do is mention your booking number for our representative to make the changes efficiently.

Taxi Seeker accepts cash as well as bank transfers and credit/debit card payment. You can pay for your trip online at the time of booking or you can pay the driver in cash as you are about to get dropped at your destination.

Taxi Seeker does not take responsibility of lost or forgotten possessions if not informed. We expect customers to contact us as soon as possible in case they forget any valuable in the vehicle. After thorough inspection, we return any valuable belonging to customers. However, the courier charges for shipping your property will not be paid by Taxi Seeker. All courier charges have to be paid in advance.

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